She traipses along the Utah sidewalks at dawn
a purse slung across her chest
and a gaggle of children between her legs,
studying high school boys in an odd, pedophilic way
that rather suits her homely Mormon disposition.
as she imagines the sins she’d commit with them,
dense fog rolls in, and with it,
an unknown silver Volvo.
the woman stops and looks at the car curiously,
trying for a moment to imagine a sexy teenager driving it
instead of its current passenger, an aging businessperson
the woman inches closer to the car,
and the car, in return, reverses away from the creepy woman.
pathetically, the woman drops to her knees,
ignoring the children biting at her ankles.
a child shrieks, and the car floors away.
“how long have you been seventeen?”
says the woman to herself,
as she is left behind in a cloud of exhaust.


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