I swallow the life force like sugar
Suck the blood of the boys I treat like toys
No survivors, no surrender under the covers
They’re mine, all mine until there’s nothing left

How did a pretty young thing like me
Start feeding upon that negative energy
What’s the cause and effect, the catalyst?
It must have been that fateful tryst
Abuse that felt like bliss
Rape I have come to miss
And it all boils down to this:
I must destroy whomever I kiss

My little victim, this should be fun
A little monk fuckboy whose playtime is done
He’s a cheater, go to meet him, he’s a meter
Boy Peter, but I’m a sleeper so I feed him
He needs me, he’s mine so I find an artery
Ask politely to not fight me, rightful consent
Like a husband I’ve wed, oh boy he bled
He tastes like the bad intentions of an unmade bed

On the hunt tonight for some tonic for my gin
My win last night was one for the books,
Honestly I’ve been messy and tired, depressed and anxious
So play this playlist
I hate this stagnant existence, must find another victim
I need nourishment to flourish
Find the strength to feed, to bleed another
But then I remember these boys have mothers and sisters
Resemble a family, these brothers have others
Remorse in my memory that I have to smother
Suppress the emotion the best with devotion to the underworld

Here’s a girl, she’s got the world in the palm of her hand
Standing alone at the bar, lone star so far
I’ll show her a life like mine where blood is fine wine
She’s never felt the touch of a woman, take her to my bosom
Sink my teeth into her crimson, teach her the life, make her my wife
So we venture at night to find men whose blood is ready.


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