“Do you love me?”
With no regard for myself,
With no regard for anyone,
You were my sun and moon.

“Can you just take me home?”
I said i was feeling sick.
I said i was too high.
It was after my curfew and I was going to be in trouble.

“Can we do it?”
With you it wasn’t long.
With you it wasn’t painful.
I said yes before that night and after.

“Do we have to?”
I knew I couldn’t say no,
I knew I couldn’t stop you,
With your loud mouth and big hands.

“You don’t love me.”
Without using too many hard drugs.
Without using too many brain cells.
Do you realize what you’re trying to do?

“Just take me home, please.”
You were in the driver’s seat.
You were in the most control.
Can this just be over now?

“Just do it with me.”
Without any type of protection,
Without any type of remorse,
Can you please just shut up?

“We don’t have to.”
You don’t listen to my strong suggestion,
You don’t listen to anything I say,
Do I even have a choice in this?


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